Disston No. 99 Handsaw


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H. Disston & Sons No. 99 handsaw. This saw is in good shape, overall. It is straight, the nib is intact, the etch is faint, there is no rust on the plate, the teeth are in good shape, and there are remnants of the original sticker around the center medallion. The handle as a beautiful ogee and double upper and lower nibs. It's a 26" crosscut saw with 10 ppi. There is some tape residue on the plate that will come off. The only major cosmetic defect is that the upper horn is chipped.

"The Disston No. 99 saw was sold from about 1850 until 1918 or so as a high-end model. It was similar to the No. 9 saw of the same period, but Disston claimed in its 1876 catalog that the best blades were selected for use in the No. 99, and called them Extra Refined London Spring Steel."

-Dissonian Institute