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Privacy and Terms

Usage data is collected from website visitors to help improve the website and make decisions about what products to offer. Information collected through the checkout process is only used to send customers the products they have purchased and to communicate with customers about the order. Data is also shared across the platforms used to advertise Bench & Chisel and the products it sells. These platforms include email marketing, social media, and other companies that provide digital advertising. I believe very strongly in a person's right to privacy and I treat customers' data as I would want my information treated, with care and respect. There is a banner at the bottom of the website that lets you control the data collected from you through Bench & Chisel.

With that said, I understand that there is supposed to be a bunch of legal language here meant to inform you and protect me in some way. I don't believe most people read through privacy policies and terms and conditions statements, and when I reviewed examples on various websites in an attempt to create one for Bench & Chisel, I didn't understand most of what they stated and quickly became bored and somewhat frustrated that these types of things have become part of standard practice.

In conclusion, Bench & Chisel exists to help people enjoy life through handcraft. Being a business will always come secondary to this purpose. If you ever experience any problems, frustrations, concerns, or have any questions with anything related to Bench & Chisel, please do not hesitate to reach out. I will be more than happy to work with you to figure things out so we can both get back to our workshops.