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Mortise and Tenon Magazine Issue 12

Mortise & Tenon Magazine

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If you're a handtool woodworker who thinks the word craft describes a way of life and not just a fun hobby or summer camp activity, then Mortise & Tenon Magazine is for you. It a refreshing departure from modern magazine publishing. It's filled with beautiful photographs and thoughtful articles instead of advertisements. The magazine is published independently by a small team in Maine who lives the craft life. In their own words:

"MORTISE & TENON MAGAZINE is a celebration of hand tools and traditional woodworking, seeking to bridge the worlds of furniture maker, conservator, and scholar. M&T is published twice a year. ... This is not another typical woodworking magazine. There are no “7 Essential Router Tricks”, weekend DIY pocket screw projects, or ad-cluttered pages. M&T exists to showcase premier furniture artisans and scholars in an elegant and artful manner. The magazine is printed on uncoated thick paper with a minimalist photography-saturated aesthetic.

The passion to marry scholarship with craft practice imbues the publication with a unique voice in the world of woodworking media."

Table of Contents

  • “The Last Boatbuilder of the Nagara River – Douglas Brooks
  • “The Simple Art of Wooden Planemaking” – Joshua A. Klein
  • “For the Love of History: A Journey into Practical Blacksmithing” – Jordan Goodwin
  • “Risk & Reward: Skill as a Safety Net” – Michael Updegraff
  • “The Van Gogh Chair” – Masashi Kutsuwa
  • “Both Ends of the Spectrum: An Examination of Two Ladderback Chairs”
  • “The Courage of Curiosity: An Interview with Furniture Conservator Donald C. Williams”
  • “From Jute to Silk: Making Splint from Riven White Ash” – Brendan Gaffney
  • “The Dalarna Corner Notch” – Dennis Carter
  • “Book Recommendation: Glenn Adamson’s Craft: An American History” – Cameron Turner

144 pages. Printed on premium, heavy (#70), uncoated paper for a classic look and tactile feel. Weighs 1 lb. Printed in the United States of America. Ad-free and independently published.

Published March 2022